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55 Eversleigh Road


London, UK

N3 1HY

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For tuition, call: 020-8343-3788

Good solid foundation in English and Maths; English as a foreign language; extra challenges for the gifted; help with exams; pick up dropped stitches; gain new confidence

John Pine MA has experience teaching all age groups from Year 1 onwards. He has taught children from Britain, Japan, Iran, China, India, Pakistan, Africa, Thailand, Turkey, Bosnia, Israel, and the USA. He prepares them for private school entrance or SATS and they often continue to come to him for many years from Key Stage 1 to 11+, GCSE and beyond. Sometimes parents and grandparents come for lessons too.

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 London, UK



 Everyone is different, so everyone will have slightly different requirements. Informal tests will help us to identify which things need the most attention but If you already know where you need help, progress will be faster. If you know your school work already, there is plenty of extra to interest you here.


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